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Armor plates: the future of self-defense

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Surviving  on the mean streets is a difficult task for everybody, especially law enforcement agency, body armors are common gadgets worn by security agents in modern combat, but the type of armor you wear will depend on threats that you face.

Patrol officer, SWAT or DEA, your armor must be designed to meet your needs. You can check this over here for the best armor plates, which are efficient against rounds of various bullets.

Modern plates are extremely light in weight and very thin. New product in the armor industry sets a new standard for good performance and other functions. And you may need armor plates for the following reasons.

  • Combat duties

Professionals on combat missions need armor plates not just soft armor for real protection. Various missions demand different types of armor plates, like DEA, SWAT or Seals, plates that this category of users need will be unique in terms of reliability, durability, and stability.

Military vests are a special type of plates that are very rugged and can withstand abuse and harsh movements.

  • Vigorous shooters

When responding to distress calls from innocent civilians under attack from psychic shooters, most times, police officers on duty on such occasion may not have soft armor on, not because they don’t need it, but due to a limited budget at the force headquarters that is exposing such officers to rounds from the assailants.

No wonder officers do pay for their own gears, safety comes first in every profession, and police officers or those that respond to such distress calls need soft armor for protection.

  • Special duties

Undercover agents may need to have some protection too, things do get dirty in the underworlds, and there may be free for all shooting at any time, undercover agents need to minimize risks to self by wearing plates or soft armor to prevent get rounds in such events of the breakdown of laws and order.

  • Civilians in red zone

There are certain civilians that are under threats from unknown people, that are scared of their lives, such people such get soft armor, this will kind of protection first aid if the unwanted happened, before calling 911, you need to stay alive at all costs to tell your story.

  • The airsoft people

This category of users spend thousands of dollars to get the kits and look like authentic Seal or SWAT guy, however, is just for fun and they need  the armor just for the look not for protection, however, it is worth to note that buying an armor is not good enough if you don’t know its proper use.

Soft armor or plates, depending on the reason you buy the device, it is important to know how to use it to make the best out of the product and its proper care, because ceramic armor does get damaged in if not kept the right way.