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Instagram Growth Hacks You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

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Most people today use Instagram; actually, the social media platform recently announced having hit one billion users mark. In essence, this means that you must work a little bit harder to optimize your account.  And, with the info out there, you can find it hard to know what works and does not work in your endeavor to grow your Instagram account. Here are some of the least known growth hacks for Instagram.

Using Instagram as Part of the Omnichannel Strategy

The average person using social media in the US has many social media accounts. They access these accounts using multiple devices. This, therefore, has made brands to opt for an Omni-channel approach.

The strategy is effective because you can reach an organization through whatever channel they prefer. Instagram, therefore, becomes one of the channels that a brand optimizes to get to your clients on their terms.

Also consider hacking channels such as organic search, direct mail, email, and other social media platforms. The idea is to ensure customers can access your brand despite the platform they use.

Generate Brand Awareness Using Instagram

Every day, up to 250 million people use Instagram Stories making it the fastest growing Instagram component. It has out exceeded the total number of users of Snapchat since inception. Posting organic content on Instagram Stories is a well-thought idea for brand awareness. It increases follower engagement too. Use Instagram Stories ads to effectively market and promote your brand.

Team Up With the Rest of the Users

If you want to get more followers effortlessly, browse the social media platform and find like-users. Take time to reach out to them and also develop a partnership. You will, in the end, notice that there are a lot of things that you can collaborate with them. Exchange shoutouts and also regrams invite them to do a takeover and give them free rein on what to post on your feed. You could also hold a contest together and together pick the lucky winner.

The Bottom Line

Instagram, if well utilized can improve the performance of your business. It’s therefore imperative to use a few tips you have learned above to find success. Be sure to develop a cross-platform strategy to engage your prospective customers. On top of that, visit to learn about an Instagram growth service known as SocialSteeze and how you can use it to scale your brand.