A Must Read Guide on Features and Safety Regulations Related to Drones

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Drones are basically remote controlled flying vehicles which are used for flying around as well as used for specific work purposes.  Whether it’s a mini or large drone, you need to be aware of the one, which is suitable for your requirement.

Criteria for Selecting a Drone

  • Easy to Use And Size

Generally, a drone that you are choosing should be easy to use. Besides that, the size also matters. The best mini drone need not necessarily be the best one. You have to go as per your requirement. You can buy various types of drones at Rotor Copters.

  • Battery Life And Camera

Besides the size, the battery life of the drone is also an important factor to consider which can’t be overlooked. You have to be sure about its safety. Besides this, a few drones come with soft external parts that prevent cracking of TV screen.  Further, few drones come with camera feature, and for others camera can be attached separately.

  • Features

This is the least imperative criteria as anyone would like to buy a solid mini drone having fewer features in comparison to the one which can’t fly properly but coming with many extra functions.

The basic difference lying between drones is the flying range that they cover. Few drones cover about 25 minutes on battery while others can go up to 40 minutes. Moreover, some drones are heavier than others making them more stable in windy conditions. These are important things to consider while purchasing a drone.


As drones are generally held secretly and are not disclosed to public, it’s rather difficult to know about the extent of their use and the details of people using them. However, a picture emerges as per the official sources, commercials by drone producers, scientific and journalistic articles, and stories of people using drones.

Knowing that the bigger drones are as good as the air vehicles, they are supposed to keep the lanterns and other important means for protecting themselves against possible collision. Such lanterns are generally lit only in case any traffic is present in the neighbourhood.


This guide accounts for the important considerations and safety regulations which should be kept in mind while choosing a drone. Follow these things and check more details online if you are planning to buy one.