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Instagram Growth Hacks You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

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Most people today use Instagram; actually, the social media platform recently announced having hit one billion users mark. In essence, this means that you must work a little bit harder to optimize your account.  And, with the info out there, you can find it hard to know what works and does not work in your endeavor to grow your Instagram account. Here are some of the least known growth hacks for Instagram.

Using Instagram as Part of the Omnichannel Strategy

The average person using social media in the US has many social media accounts. They access these accounts using multiple devices. This, therefore, has made brands to opt for an Omni-channel approach.

The strategy is effective because you can reach an organization through whatever channel they prefer. Instagram, therefore, becomes one of the channels that a brand optimizes to get to your clients on their terms.

Also consider hacking channels such as organic search, direct mail, email, and other social media platforms. The idea is to ensure customers can access your brand despite the platform they use.

Generate Brand Awareness Using Instagram

Every day, up to 250 million people use Instagram Stories making it the fastest growing Instagram component. It has out exceeded the total number of users of Snapchat since inception. Posting organic content on Instagram Stories is a well-thought idea for brand awareness. It increases follower engagement too. Use Instagram Stories ads to effectively market and promote your brand.

Team Up With the Rest of the Users

If you want to get more followers effortlessly, browse the social media platform and find like-users. Take time to reach out to them and also develop a partnership. You will, in the end, notice that there are a lot of things that you can collaborate with them. Exchange shoutouts and also regrams invite them to do a takeover and give them free rein on what to post on your feed. You could also hold a contest together and together pick the lucky winner.

The Bottom Line

Instagram, if well utilized can improve the performance of your business. It’s therefore imperative to use a few tips you have learned above to find success. Be sure to develop a cross-platform strategy to engage your prospective customers. On top of that, visit to learn about an Instagram growth service known as SocialSteeze and how you can use it to scale your brand.

How to Micro Blog on Instagram

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When you think about blogging you first think about setting up your own WordPress website, or perhaps through a third-party platform like Blogger, Tumblr, Weebly, or

But you can also use Instagram to blog. Now I wouldn’t recommend that you write 1000 word posts and publish it on your Instagram as the attention span of most users doesn’t really allow for that.

Short stories of 150-250 words are a very good option though, from now on we will call that micro-blogging.

Do make sure its jam-packed with information your followers want to see because more = better still applies, you just have to do it without all the fluff and get to the point right away so that it makes it worth the time of your readers.

In this post, we will give you a little help by providing some pointers of what to say, and how to do it, as well as the different types of content your audience will engage with.

Start with the most important thing you have to tell.

Remember I said that you have to grab their attention? So that’s what you start with so that they hopefully stick long enough to read the rest as well. Make sure to add an attention-grabbing picture right at the start as well.

Encourage interaction by simply asking for it

Try to turn every other sentence into some sort of call to action by asking your readers questions. With a little luck, something catches them and they will comment on that. Engagement is everything on Instagram and allows you to grow your profile at the speed of light. That way you don’t have to use Instagram tools that are becoming less effective as everyone is using them nowadays.

Lists of relevant tips & tricks do very well

People don’t like to read long paragraphs but they do like bullet point lists that provide them a quick overview of what you have to tell so it’s essential that you use those to tell your story.

Run a contest or a sweepstake

People love free stuff and the easiest way to create engagement is, therefore, to give something away. It doesn’t have to be crazy expensive, even the smallest things can result in a lot of engagement from your fans. It’s more about the idea than the actual product itself.

Microblogging definitely provides a way to stand out from the crowd, going through thousands of pictures without a story attached to it also gets boring after some time so you can fill that gap by doing it slightly differently.

4 Tips On How To Make Your Home Standout

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The way you stage your home for sale determines the type of people and quotes it will attract in the market. Selling a home is not always a sure thing, and for some, it may take days while others will take months. Some of the major factors that will determine the speed of the sale will be value, location and the marketing channel. The following are practical tips that can make your home stand out.

Get rid of personal stuff 

Family photos on the walls, portraits, and paintings on the walls may indicate that you are still emotionally connected to your home. Get rid of all pieces of art that may personalize your home because people have different tastes and preferences. Paint your home using neutral colors as it gives potential buyers a chance to repaint with a color of their choice. The potential clients should be able to envision themselves in your home after it loses your personal touch.

Focus on the curb appeal

Most people make prejudgments based on what they see on the outer side of your home. The presence of debris and dirt all over your yard may scare away potential customers who might think the inside looks the same. Get rid of overgrown bushes and trim the plants in the garden whenever possible. You can check out some of the best lawn mowers at the Smart Future and choose one that best suits your needs. Ensure that your property is well lit so that potential customers can view all the fine details of your home.

Fix appliances

You can use contact a professional inspector to pin point issues that need fixing before you present your home for sale. Some of the minor repairs you can focus on are fixing leaking taps, unblocking the drainage and replacing some appliances. The modern-era customers are looking for energy efficient appliances, and you should thus do the necessary fixes.

Thorough cleaning

Stains on the walls and odors from pets can be a deal breaker. You can contact a professional cleaner to work on demanding chores such as furniture scrubbing and carpet cleaning. Dirty bathtubs and rusty sinks will also put off potential customers. Ensure that your home is sparkling clean when you invite potential buyers.

You can then select the best selling channel once you have done the above chores. You do not have to spend a lot on these chores because you can do some on your own.

Foosball Table

Are You in The Market For a Foosball Table?

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Are you planning on having your dream game or lounge room? Have you already started getting it thrown together? If so, there may be something missing, something small that will bring the whole ‘man cave’ together. Something smaller and cheaper that a pool table, and some will say more entertaining. What you might want, is a Foosball table.

The easiest way to play soccer, Foosball has two simple tasks to achieve. Shoot the foosball into your opponents goal while defending your own at the same time. To do this, you have to spin the four bars on your side, making the players of one team move. Your opponent will be trying to do the same with his team. Whenever you score, there are even counting sliders to mark how many points you have generally up to ten.

But, not everyone can afford just any Foosball table. There are some fairly expensive models, made of only the finest materials. These models are made to last for years of serious play with added features to make enjoying the table that much better. There are cheaper choices though. And you can still get a quality table for a manageable price.

For a Foosball Fanatic, there are a few things you need to consider for your preferred table to lower the price. First, you can invest in a smaller Foosball table not only saving on the cost, but also on the space needed to set it up. Be wary though, because smaller tables will try to push off a bunch of unnecessary features and tools. There are longer Foosball tables with a lower price, but the quality is lower and the structure is more complex to compensate for the extra length.

Another way to save on the price is to choose composites over solid wood. Especially if said wood is a higher quality and lacquered to a shiny finish. Instead, a medium-density fiberboard will be more worth your while. The only disadvantage for the fiberboard table is that it’s not as strong as a solid wood one.

There are also a variety of tabletop versions of the mini sport. They don’t have full length legs, saving on material cost. Don’t think that you have to settle for a kids version where you have to hunch over to play. There are grown, adult versions of the game board.

If you have any questions or want more information, clink on the link above and check out Foosball Fanatic’s website. They even have a list of recommended tables, ready for you to browse through. So find your perfect Foosball table and get your game on!