Correcting Your Faulty IG Strat

Correcting Your Faulty IG Strat

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There are over 800 million users on the social media platform Instagram. You’d think it would be easy to get eyes on your page. But, as many find out, building a following on Instagram can be an incredibly daunting task. It’s definitely possible but can take much more work than the average person expects.

A faulty strategy based on high hopes

When building a following, the general idea is to have enough quality content to attract the attention of an “influencer.” This can be done by going viral or by a happen-chance share. Either way, someone with a massive following shares your content and poof, your follows go through the roof.

This may have happened for some. This definitely won’t happen for most. Placing one’s chance at success in the hands of another is never a great way to go about things. The irony is that individuals who go viral and maintain their follower base often had a quality body of content before they were made famous and often keep the content coming.

Putting thought into your content

If you want content that people will share you should consider what makes something worth sharing. Is your content funny? Is it entertaining? Does it teach people? If you can for certain check any of these boxes you have a winner and all you need to do is keep creating the way you are. Eventually, people will pick up on it.

Instant gratification

Someone of us knows our content is awesome and we want people to know it now. For these individuals, it’s simply a matter of how they’re going to make people aware of what they’re missing. For anyone with an already existing body of work, the social aspect of the platform is likely what they’re missing.

Bots, for the antisocial social media marketers

Everyone isn’t interested in liking, commenting, following and unfollowing to reach their goal for followers. For these individuals, there are bots. They do all of that for you so you can remain focused on content and your business.

The Small Business blog reported that another bot was recently taken down. This happens often as they tow the line with it and isn’t against the Instagram user policy. If they weren’t effective people would be against them, so use them as you please while you still can.