Reasons You're Still Single

Reasons You’re Still Single

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If you love the outdoors, you have gone out with friends for a drink or a meal and caught a glimpse of two loved-up strangers, all cozy and glowing, oblivious of their surroundings. Then you got all mushy for a moment and wished that you meet the guidelines that could get you the perfect partner to giggle and laugh with while ignoring the meal before you.

You have probably have made resolutions to work on yourself and allow other people into your life, but you eventually went home to your comfortable silence and freedom and thought, ‘who am I kidding? Do I want to give up all this freedom and personal space? So, here are some of the reasons you are still alone:

You Love Your Space

You hog your space as a kid would their candy. If someone comes too close and invades your inner space too much, such that you have to fit them into your plans, you retreat. You are happy making individualized plans and some for a couple of occasions, but when it becomes an everyday thing, it becomes redundant.

You Set the Bar High

The last guy you dated had it all together. He was a looker oozing with charm, ambition, a confident go-getter, his style could make fashion magazine editors look bad, he knew the right things to say and do to you. He got you, maybe even better than you did yourself. The downside is, he was probably a player too, and that is why he had to go. Now every man you meet is measured up against Mr. Had It All Together – chances are that you are still hung on to him.

You Have a Phobia of Commitment

You want love, but you cannot understand how everyone you meet wants to get so serious so soon. Your life is fantastic, with the frequent vacations and random people that you meet on your ventures. You do not want to be held down. If only they could chill and take things at your pace because there is so much to see and enjoy before making life-changing decisions, right?

Perfect Guy/Girl Syndrome

You have this idea in your head of the perfect man or woman, and you will not settle for anything less. He has to be successful in business, at least 6 feet tall with washboard abs and drives the latest model of the most expensive car. She is your ideal woman if she has a successful career and does not compromise, built like a supermodel, able to juggle a business phone call while flipping a gourmet meal in the kitchen in her 6-inch heels and a pair of the tiniest shorts. Mmm… needle in a stack of hay?

You Refuse To Let Anyone In

You talk to all the people who want you out. You are probably the best example of negative self-talk. You push them away by telling them how toxic you are and how much better-off they would be without you. They may have the resilience of a mule at first, but they eventually heed your advice and leave. They will probably be one-half of the next loved-up couple you will see when you go out for that occasional dance with your buds.

At the end of the day when you get home and crank up the volume to Pussycat Dolls’, ‘I Don’t Need a Man,’ ask yourself if you are honest with your inner being.